Train with
Live feedback.

Correct execution on each repetition.

The tape. The sensor.

The patented sensor system is integrated directly into the band. This means the band measures your performance during your workout, no matter where you pull.

Connected to the app via Bluetooth.

The band simply connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can easily charge your band via USB-C and train for up to 24 hours on one charge.

Train anywhere. Whether at home or on the road.

Stick to your fitness routine and work out anywhere, anytime. The only thing you need is your band and the app.

Suitable for every fitness level.

STRAFFR training is for both beginners and advanced. Choose the band that suits you - either Medium with 5-15 kg or Strong with 15-25kg.

Get in top form with STRAFFR.

Your gym and personal trainer to go.

Get to know the world of STRAFFR and take a look at all the functionalities of the app. 

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