With the free STRAFFR app, you get a wide selection of workouts, 100+ exercises including instructions, training stats and analysis, and access to on-demand workouts with STRAFFR Pro athletes that will get everything out of you and get you to your personal top shape. All in one app.

Track your training progress easily.

Focus on the training. Your stats are recorded and help you stay motivated.

Maximise display size.

Connect STRAFFR to your TV via WiFi or HDMI cable to follow your workout even better.

Workouts individually tailored.

Reach your individual fitness goals faster by personalising your workouts with STRAFFR.

Integrated with Apple Health.

Sync your workouts with Apple Health and track your fitness progress in one place.

Your premium upgrade for your fitness

Get the most out of you and the STRAFFR band and become a part of the STRAFFR+ community. STRAFFR+ is a subscription or membership that gives you all-access access to pro workout content in the app, taking your workout to the next level!

From Basic to Plus.

As part of the STRAFFR+ community, in addition to all the benefits of the free Basic version of the app, you get All-Access access to multi-week workout plans with Pro Coaches and Single On-Demand Workouts. on top of that, you can create as many custom workouts as you want.

Your flexible subscription for your individual fitness goal.

The choice is yours - Stay flexible and opt for a short-term training boost or show full commitment, to your fitness and health.

Get in top form with STRAFFR.

Your gym and personal trainer to go.

Discover the innovation in the fitness market. Discover the difference to conventional resistance bands.

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