Give the Gift of Fitness - The Perfect Christmas Gift

The gift of Fitness - The perfect Christmas present

Maybe you ask yourself: What is the perfect Christmas gift for a family member, friend, your husband or wife? You are scrolling through gift guides, ask the internet and decide at the end maybe for a gift voucher or the obligatory pair of socks or tie again? To find the perfect Christmas is not easy and can be a stressful challenge. 

Well, look no further. Give the gift of fitness! 

What better can there be than giving your loved ones the possibility to stay or become fit and healthy. Especially in these tricky times where the gym might not be the most comfortable option, a more flexible workout solution is the ultimate gift. But a personal trainer is expensive and a stationary home gym even more. 

What do you think about a digital personal trainer, that costs not more than 2 months of a gym membership, is completely mobile, tracks your workout automatically and offers to train with pro athletes, Ninja Warrior, NHL coaches, Olympians and certified athletes?  

STRAFFR offers exactly that - a smart home gym in form of a revolutionary new resistance band that fits in every pocket.  

And the good thing about working out regularly, it doesn’t only give you the chance for a better physique.  

There are many benefits of a recurrent workout routine, for example: 

  • be happier¬†
  • lower risk of heart attack¬†
  • Lowering the blood cholesterol level¬†
  • lower risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers¬†
  • lower blood pressure.¬†

And who can‚Äôt use these benefits around Christmas, right? ūüė鬆

Maybe you just want to gift yourself?  

But here some more facts about the smart home gym from STRAFFR: 

The patented sensor integrated in the STRAFFR resistance band measures every movement and transmits all data live to the STRAFFR app. Pulled too fast or too slow? Didn't fully complete the exercise? The app gives live feedback so that the workout can be continuously improved and goals can be reached faster. This allows you to focus on your workout while STRAFFR tracks data such as weight moved, number of reps and speed, and customizes your workout based on performance.  

The digital coach designs a personalized workout based on individual fitness level and personal goals. Professional athletes and certified personal trainers guide you through customized workout plans and on-demand workouts in the STRAFFR app.  

STRAFFR Personal Trainer

Coaches at STRAFFR include Rich Hesketh, successful NHL coach and Canadian decathlon champion, Jessica Wielens, known from TV shows like Ninja Warrior Germany and Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix, and Max Planer, 2-time World Champion, 3-time European Champion and Olympic athlete in rowing.  

For individual training progress, the STRAFFR resistance band is available in three versions: Medium with 5-15kg resistance, Strong with 15-25kg resistance and the STRAFFR Pro Package with both fitness bands of the respective strength.  

So, what are you waiting for? ūüéĀūüí™