7 Advantages of Fitness Bands

7 Advantages of Fitness Bands

During the lockdown and through numerous fitness influencers, resistance bands (fitness bands) became hype on social media channels. Are fitness bands really that practical and is it possible to train effectively with them? This article analyses the main advantages of elastic fitness bands.

1. learn from professionals

Did you know that professional athletes like Tom Brady, LeBron James and Olympians regularly train with resistance bands? So you can rely on proven training plans from top athletes to keep you fit efficiently. Whether you follow football, volleyball, badminton, football or other sports - you can adapt the exercises with the resistance band to your needs. Train your speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and much more while activating different areas of your body.

2. Versatile strength training

You can do well over 50 exercises with fitness bands to work almost every muscle in your body. Change the resistance of the band by adjusting the grip width or using the band twice. This gives you countless possibilities to train your body - as if you had several dumbbells in just one rubber band.

3. train everywhere

Resistance bands are lightweight, compact and therefore extremely portable. This means that fitness bands can be easily stored in a backpack, handbag or suitcase and can be taken along on business trips, holidays or even to work. You practically have a portable gym in your pocket and no more excuses to interrupt your workout routine.

4. tone and build muscles

Numerous studies in scientific exercise research have proven that exercising with resistance bands grows your muscles and tones them at the same time. Studies show that resistance bands can achieve similar results in terms of muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle volume) and muscle activation as exercise machines and free weights.

5. train at any time 

Resistance bands are very versatile, so you can train with different focuses at any time. You just woke up and want to start with a mobilisation workout? Do you want to fight the "food coma" after lunch in the home office? Or do you want to exhaust yourself with a full-body workout in the evening? Let's go! Depending on your needs and preferences, you can do a suitable workout with resistance bands at any time without much preparation.

6. dynamic stretching

Studies show that the fitness industry is changing and stretching is finally becoming an essential part of a comprehensive workout. With resistance bands, you can add static and especially dynamic stretching to your mandatory pre- or post-workout stretching programme. Remember that you should always stretch after a workout to maintain or increase your flexibility and mobility. This will also improve your posture and athletic performance.

7. easy on the joints

Unlike free weights, fitness bands are not dependent on gravity. The pressure on the joints is kept low and the risk of injury is reduced in the long term. In addition, the training is not so monotonous due to the flexible and variable execution of movements during the exercises and thus also protects the joints.

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