Experience personalized training with active feedback.

The fitness band from STRAFFR makes your work-out at home simple, effective and personalised.

The intelligent fitness band from STRAFFR really convinces all along the line

Leave it to the Germans to develop a smart resistance band

The app is clearly laid out and very well thought out. 


The patented STRAFFR sensor measures every movement as you train. Our digital coach gives you direct feedback to improve your training performance.

On-Demand Training

Train with professional personal trainers who give you direct instructions during your workout. The STRAFFR app instantly tracks your workout performance.

Smart tracking

Just focus on your workout while STRAFFR counts your reps and power in real-time. The app will automatically switch exercises for the ultimate convenience.

Strength, flexibility, stretching, HIIT, ...

The STRAFFR training app includes versatile workouts so you can train effectively.

STRAFFR Community

The recognition of the band, the workout selection, and the app design are all great. I'm looking forward to further updates!


Etienne Pe.

After several weeks of training, I am thrilled. I look forward to training with your band and the app every day.


Volker L.

Cool new way of training. My girlfriend and I think it's great! The app has also become really fancy :)



Training with the band is fun and each update has brought improvements.



I am thrilled and have incorporated the workout into my morning routine.




About us

We were looking for a fitness solution that was simple, portable and versatile. As fitness enthusiasts, we tried more than a hundred apps and gadgets: to no avail. With STRAFFR, we created a digital fitness company that makes training simple, personalised and effective.